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What to paint?
©Nicole K.



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The Patakis

As of right now, there is no available media. This is more of an anouncement.

In time, radioplays, animations, etc. will be made available as the site grows. However, in order to do some of these, we need your help.

We need voice actors.

You can try out for any part you like. If your a girl, give even some male parts a shot and vice versa. You can try out for as many characters as you like.

However, in order to win the part, you must at least try to sound like the original character.

After so many auditions are recieved, the audition lines will be taken down and replaced by two or three downloadable parts sent in by others, narrowed down by the Patakis crew. The viewers will then vote which of the two or three they believe closest sounds like the original.

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing project, at least for another year, so please be sure you can be available to stay as the character. We're going to try and not consistantly change voice actors.

There are several lines under each character's name and you need to try out all of them. Send each line in as seperate file.


"Meloss, huh? What the heck is that, some foreign disease?”

"Criminy, does everyone carry a flashlight wherever they go?"

"Oh, had I only kept my angel...Fallen from me that day...You are gone, my great desire...And here I stay, burning with fire. *swooning sigh*"


“Oh baby sister, I know you’ll absolutely love dinner tonight!"

"Sixteen hundred hours? I don't imagine it will take that long!"

"Just give it a chance, please daddy? Please?"


"You're ruining your life Olga...don't do this."

“Now, B…”

"I think that is a great idea!"

Big Bob:

"Ah, another great commercial."

“Hey, hey, missy. If I have to, so do you!"

"You just HAD to bring it up didn't you little missy?"


"Do you have any plans scheduled for this weekend, Helga?"

"I'm sure they will work as hard as they can on the project. I have faith in them..."

“Just because Rhonda’s group did something illegal doesn’t mean we all have to. If Rhonda jumped off of a bridge…oh, never mind."


"I'm sure Helga has too many girly things to do, like paint her nails or read sappy romance novels."

"Are you crazy? That's perfect!"

“What, go to Slaucen’s? I’m kind of hungry."


“Well, fellers, I got an idea…”

"It's just on account of that she scares us."

“Wait a minute fellers, I’m confused. I thought we weren’t supposed to be goin’ into the caves.”


“Ahh! Cannibals!”

"Boy howdy, this Halloween is going to be great!”

"As I said, he can't make it."


"I'm okay..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Rhonda! I didn't know that you didn't like taking notes for me!"

"Please, don't hurt me! I didn't mean to!"


"Oskar?! Ooohh, that weasel's going to get it this time!"

"Aren't you listening? The ham sandwich! I finally had access to that ham sandwich!"

"You wouldn't happen to be from the department of mental health, would ya?"


“He kicked the bucket and bought the farm!”


“Eat up, Slim. Tomorrow the neighboring kingdom looks to take ours…prepare for battle at dawn!”


"I bet you five dollars I can get Olga kicked out."

"All right! Heh heh!"

"She cooks so much, it's like a dream come true! Always room for seconds, or thirds even!"



"Yeah, he's considerate alright."

"So Olga, what new exciting dish are you going to be serving us today?"


"Heh, no offense taken, just as long as this question of yours is quick."

"I mean, really, ya put a little meat in the oven, fix up some potatoes, bada boom, bada bang!"

"Yeah, yeah. But when you lose, I want my five bucks and the ten you owed me from two weeks ago."

Mr. Hyunh:

"Helga is a very nice girl."

"Yes, she always take too much time!"

"Well, I think it will be.an improvement! After so many years of Grandma's cooking, I don't know how much.more I can stand!"

Mr. Simmons:

"We're redecorating! Giving the room it's own 'special' touch."

“My word…what happens?"

"Hello everyone! What's for dinner to-"


“At least get rid of that awful hat.”

“Just remember, I saw it first, so it belongs to the Lloyds.”

These are brand new Caprini boots, and they're one of a kind."


“I saw the rest of you charge in, and I wanted to either try and convince all of you to come back, or at least, you know, make sure…everyone was okay."

“I don’t know guys. This doesn’t seem like a good idea…”

“I haven’t played this game in years.”


“Actually, I’ve been keeping track of any minerals I saw in the walls."


“Wait for me, my angel!”





E-mail all auditions to Nicole K.

More parts will arise as we continue. No one can win by default. If we have no decent auditioners, the part will simply be omitted.

Disclaimer: We don't own anything from "Hey Arnold!" ...We just like to pretend we do. ^_^
We make no money from this.
"Hey Arnold!" Belongs to Craig Bartlett, Nickelodeon, Viacom, and a bunch of other people we probably don't know.