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What to paint?
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The Patakis


Episode four, "Phoebe's Downfall" is up for viewing, and new pictures are up for Episode one, "Legend of Meloss".

For anyone who would like to link us, here's a button:

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Also, some of you may not know it, but there is a "Hey Arnold!" Fanfiction Awards going on. It was originally posted at FF.net but some moron who was upset because they weren't nominated (Gee, it's not really a surprise why they weren't...) got them taken off. So, here's the new addy:


Go and vote for all catergories, and if you've never read any of the nominees for one, just pick whatever sounds good.

Above all else, though, remember to vote "Pataki"!

General News

Unfortunately, we still do not have a large number of artists, so pictures will be added seperately, as they go. Rather than the original plan, where there is at least one picture for every scene between the gray bars set to go when the new "episode" is posted.

In other news, since "The Jungle Movie" (the second "Hey Arnold!" movie based on Arnold looking for his parents) is most likely never going to get past scripting stage, as a side project, some members of "The Patakis" as well as some outside help may try to write it. Keep in mind, first we wait to see if Nick actually shows "The Journal" come Nov. and then we do research, meetings, etc. So no more on that may be posted until December. Also, "The Patakis" crew is working on a large project for late Season Two and that comes first.

Disclaimer: We don't own anything from "Hey Arnold!" ...We just like to pretend we do. ^_^
We make no money from this.
"Hey Arnold!" Belongs to Craig Bartlett, Nickelodeon, Viacom, and a bunch of other people we probably don't know.